Septic Tank Risers

Our septic tanks are equipped with Polylok 20″ x 6″ risers and fitted with a lid and safety pan. We sell extensions in 6″ and 12″ increments to reach the height that you need to bring septic access to the surface.

Replacement Septic Risers

We often receive calls from customers with an older septic tank looking for a way to bring the tank access to the surface. Many times they only have a concrete lid covering the access hole. Either of the risers above can installed as a replacement in this scenario when paired with an adapter ring, some joint sealant, and tapcon screws. Alternatively, we manufacture concrete slabs with a riser cast into them that easily replace existing lids. Extensions can then be added to bring access to the surface for septic pumping or maintenance. Some type of adhesive or sealant like a mastic rope can be used to adhere the the new concrete lid to the existing concrete tank. No need to screw into the tank.

The diagram below depicts what these risers look like and includes dimensions. We offer 30″ or 36″ slabs. Measure the longest span in your access hole to determine which size slab you will need to cover the hole. Next, measure the distance from the tank to the surface to determine the height of the riser extensions you will need to add to the riser. Subtract about 6 or 7 inches to account for the height of the replacement riser.